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Something About Samburu

Driving north up the Thika highway from Nairobi and that familiar feeling of excitement settles. I must have driven this route hundreds of times but leaving the dual carriageway for the scenic single lane up to Mount Kenya and beyond is a journey I’ll never tire of. Mangoes in Sagana, the ever-chaotic town of Karatina, young guys on the roadside selling sacks of miraa… Climbing higher and higher in altitude the temperatures become colder. Past Lewa Conservancy, down, down, down towards the dusty, desert heat of Isiolo, the land of Boranas, Turkanas, Samburus, Rendilles, closer to the wilds of northern Kenya. A few hours north of here and the edgy city life of Nairobi is but a distant memory.

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Segera Retreat: A Review

The great migration has finally arrived in Kenya where the Mara River takes centre stage each year for one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles. The Masai Mara boasts the highest concentration of wildlife in Kenya and is a wish list destination for most first-time safari travellers. Yet there are many other regions to explore and some, where unlike the Mara, you’ll barely see another soul during your visit.

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Heri ya Krismasi (Merry Christmas!)

Everybody loves Christmas, right? The universally-accepted time of year to delve head first into the party spirit, overeat, overdrink, overspend, and generally wade in frivolity for the best part of a week. This December was the first I’ve been in London for a while. And despite being unwillingly ploughed into the spirit of Christmas advertising as far back as September, and the first lights appearing in all their prematurity by first week of November, I’ll admit to having loved the joviality of London’s festive buzz, taking my niece to Santa’s Grotto, gift-wrapping, drinking hot chocolate, pottering around the West End beneath an awning of sparkly decorations, shops full of things you really don’t need but contemplate buying anyway.

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