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SOAS Exhibits “Stolen Moments - Namibian Music History Untold”

“Imagine you had never known about the musical riches of your country. Your ears had been used to nothing but the dull sounds of country’s former occupants and the blaring church and propaganda songs that were sold to you as your country’s musical legacy. Until all at once, a magnitude of unknown sounds, melodies and songs appear…”

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Damaraland's Jewel

Sorris Sorris is a jewel. Let’s begin on that note. Seemingly in the middle of utterly nowhere, a discreet, carefully-conceived lodge descending a rocky outcrop, with the oyster grey outline of the Brandberg Massif towering in the distance. Distinguished by the unusually verdant thick burst of trees which line its banks, the Ugab River is the only sign of life in this stark, dusty landscape scattered with rocky kopjes.

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