Singita's 25 Years of Excellence

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True to its name, which translated from Shangaan means “place of miracles”, Singita’s accomplishments are almost implausibly outstanding across the board.

Let’s talk conservation – a word perhaps almost as overused as “luxury” but for which Singita deserves accolades. The drive for positive change is fundamental to the Singita brand and the breadth of their work is extraordinary. From rhino conservation, wildlife reintroduction, and anti-poaching, to support for community-run businesses, employment and children’s education, their three-tier model of biodiversity, community and sustainability has been one of the greatest conservation success stories of the last twenty-five years.

Mirroring this, is a product which firmly stands apart when speaking of the most exclusive, sophisticated, and dare we say “luxurious” properties in Africa. Where Kenya excels in beautiful private estates, Tanzania has the edge on lodges and camps for the affluent traveller, and we have yet to discover anything superior to the experience of Singita Grumeti in the Serengeti region. Forget signposted safari courses with their vehicle traffic and minibus conglomeration around the big cats. Likewise, being cajoled into communal dining and safari schedules. They are champions of attention to detail without being over-the-top, excellent service without any incongruous white glove pomp, exclusivity without pretension. Their formula is a winning one and it is not easily replicated. It has taken sheer hard work and resilience to maintain this level of quality and integrity for the last quarter of a century.

In total, Singita operate 12 lodges and camps between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Overlooking the Sand River in an area known as “big cat country”, Ebony Lodge is the original Singita property, drawing attention this year for its twenty fifth anniversary. 2019 will see Rwanda added to their portfolio as Singita Kwitonda opens on the border of Volcanoes National Park. As for the future, there are whispers of new locations on the horizon, but founder Luke Bailes avows “we will only develop new properties if they are better than, or as good as, those we already have.”

Singita, we salute you – primarily as great conservationists, secondarily as superb hoteliers - and we wish you another 25 years at the top of your game.