Damaraland's Jewel


Sorris Sorris is a jewel. Let’s begin on that note. Seemingly in the middle of utterly nowhere, a discreet, carefully-conceived lodge descending a rocky outcrop, with the oyster grey outline of the Brandberg Massif towering in the distance. Distinguished by the unusually verdant thick burst of trees which line its banks, the Ugab River is the only sign of life in this stark, dusty landscape scattered with rocky kopjes. The rest is parched. Sparse, wheat-coloured grass meagrely covers the dry desert beneath. It’s hot. Searing, scorching heat, from which ceiling fans bring little respite. Thankfully we are assured air-conditioning units are en route.

Nine inconspicuous accommodations are almost embedded into the rocks and blend entirely into their natural environment. Unusually for these parts, the style is Scandinavian with lots of pale wood, neutral tones, and contemporary furnishings which break away from traditional safari interiors. It’s simple but idyllic and the beauty speaks for itself with magnificent panoramic views. In the early morning light, hues of apricot and honey sparkle against the shadowy folds of the Brandberg Mountain.

This is a place of integrity – the staff are charming, the quality of food & wine is excellent, it stands apart as a unique and lovingly-conceived lodge in a spectacular setting, with the wonderful opportunity to encounter desert-adapted elephants. Contact us at info@anotherafrica.com for further information on how to plan time in Namibia.