Another Africa

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Another Africa is a leading authority on Africa's finest travel experiences. We deliver intelligent, upscale adventures with a positive message about today's Africa for an analytical clientele.

Marisa Lassman designs, plans and accompanies trips throughout Africa with an emphasis on unique, thought-provoking and intelligent experiences for adventurers who appreciate the finest levels of comfort.

An early interest in the diversity of cultures and languages found in Africa led her to embark on a university education focused on Francophone literature in Africa & the Maghreb. She spent time living in Togo and exploring neighbouring Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Mali before returning to the UK and completing a Master’s degree at SOAS in African Studies with a major in African Literature. With a particular interest in the music of West Africa, principally Mali, she later went on to write about this topic for World Music Network’s Rough Guide compilations.

In 2006 she embarked upon a trip to Eastern Uganda to meet and write about the Abayudaya (“People of Judah”) or “Jews” in Bagandan. She continued her explorations of East Africa, eventually discovering the Swahili coast, where a chance meeting led her inland to Kenya’s north central Samburu region. She spent three years living amongst the Samburu people, developing the concept for Another Africa, whilst overseeing a building project for a local children’s home and sponsoring local youths through education and vocational training. Marisa still spends part of the year in Kenya, and through her excellent network of local contacts both locally and throughout Africa, is able to offer a rare insight into this extraordinary continent.

Marisa has also been involved with the top end of luxury travel for the last fifteen years, taking care of family offices, UHNW individuals and high profile clients. This unique combination of experiences has propelled her to create a team of highly accomplished, well-informed experts and an unparalleled product for travel throughout Africa.